Reynaers Aluminium to reveal new dimension in aluminium innovation at BAU 2019.


Reynaers Aluminium, leading European provider of sustainable architectural aluminium solutions, introduces stakeholders in architecture and construction to new dimensions in thinking and design on its innovative stand at the BAU 2019 exhibition in München from 14 to 19 January 2019.

Recognising that leadership in building construction and design is primarily based on innovation, Reynaers Aluminium continuously invests heavily in developing cutting edge architectural aluminium solutions and harnessing mutually rewarding relationships with key stakeholders in R&D, marketing and sales, to give them that leading edge. At BAU 2019 the company reveals how its innovative leadership is applied to introduce several new dimensions on different levels; in all cases engineered without compromise on aesthetics, design, quality, safety and comfort.

Setting new boundaries for shifting needs

With the growing international demand for larger dimensions and comfort, Reynaers Aluminium is introducing innovative new designs for several products, as well as extensions to existing systems at BAU 2019.

Sliding Solutions

The new SlimPatio 68 is an innovative sliding system that offers slim profiles and a concealed frame, as well as superior air-, wind- and water tightness.   The latest extension is on display at BAU 2019; the 2-rail pocket solution that allows the vent to slide into a wall cavity, making it invisible when opened. Focus on design and symmetry led to one of the slimmest central closers in the market of only 74mm.

The well-known CP 155, a premium insulating slide and lift-slide system, is designed to create maximal opening glass areas, combined with increased comfort. The CP 155(-LS) Slim Chicane introduced at BAU 2019 has a meeting section of only 50 mm, transforming the CP 155(-LS) into a modern and elegant system.  Designed to also meet today’s trends towards home automation, all opening options are now available with a motor that significantly increases user comfort and ease of use, but also keeps the ease of installation in mind.

The presence of the Hi-Finity sliding solution at BAU is indispensable, as its ultra-slim design creates opportunities for large transparent surfaces, with a light, sleek and elegant appearance. For a higher level of comfort, a concealed motor now allows much larger and heavier vents to be opened with a push of a button, or by connecting the motor to your home automation system. An element controller enables users to fully integrate the motorized sliding system in home automation, and makes for easy handling of multiple motorised vents from a single control point.  Besides the motorised solution, the Hi-Finity on display also features a manual opening vent with a manual lock, possible to be mounted on the front or the side of the chicane.  Finally a flush pocket solution is presented, enabling the opening vent to be slid into the wall cavity, making the element invisible for an even more minimalistic view.

Curtain Walls

CW 65-EF is a cost-efficient system for element façades, well-suited for high-rise constructions, with slender profiles of only 65 mm. The latest extensions allow for a shift in the vertical lines, giving designers the freedom to move towards a more versatile barcode design grid. The elements can be arranged in more than two panes to reduce the number of elements. Less panes to cover the same façade surface results in a significant decrease in installation time and cost.  On a technical level, the system now allows for live load changes up to 10 mm and passes dynamic CWCT testing.

With unlimited creative freedom and maximum light penetration, the CW 50 façade and roof system provides for different sophisticated connections of profiles. Innovative solutions have been developed to address the tendency towards bigger, heavier and high-insulation glass panes.  

Reynaers Aluminium also introduces its fully reviewed attic window, designed to meet international trends and standards in water tightness and high insulation for open elements in glass roofs without losing its visual appeal. It comes in a fully beaded standard glass version and an aesthetic version utilising stepped glass. To optimize costs for roofs with limited inclination, the two versions can be combined to create a zero-water threshold on the bottom side.

Windows and Doors

The MasterLine 10 series is specifically designed for low energy and passive buildings. The system unites the best of all worlds: unlimited design freedom with ultimate comfort and insulation performance. The very large glass windows are perfectly suited for residential and high-rise buildings, as well as for public buildings where high-frequency usage requires robust and reliable systems.

MasterLine 10 has achieved a Passive Housing certificate from the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany.  The system has been future proofed with its building and home automation possibilities: from a motorised ventilation window to doors with access control; offering more comfort and security to the users.

The MasterLine 8 zero threshold door presented at BAU 2019 demonstrates the versatility of the MasterLine 8 door platform. These doors offer the best value for money in the highly competitive market and boasts a wide range of solutions such as finger pinch protection, emergency evacuation and multiple threshold solutions – now even with a zero threshold in combination with a drainage gutter. MasterLine 8 doors are available in multiple insulation levels and has been awarded with a Passive Housing certificate, underlining the excellent thermal properties and air tightness of the range.

Two MasterLine 8 pivot door solutions are introduced. The residential pivot door is burglar proof and can be combined with motorised locking. It offers a choice of panel or glass infill, both delivering optimal air tightness and thermal insulation. The landscape door, comprising two or more linked pivoting doors, can be joined in many different configurations to add to their appeal. These high insulating doors have manual locking and can be fixed in the open position to allow for continuous flows of people passing through.

SlimLine 38 is on display in two highly insulated solutions that combine elegance and comfort with a unique design. The SlimLine 38 Ferro double casement window has an elegant and sophisticated design, allowing plenty of daylight and large openings. The SlimLine 38 Classic on display demonstrates the seamless combination with other Reynaers Aluminium systems.

Enter the digital Dimension

Reynaers Aluminium’s digital innovation is vividly displayed in the mini-AVALON cave, a smaller version of the dedicated AVALON VR cave at the Reynaers Campus in Belgium.  AVALON is a highly advanced VR simulation space, designed to bring architectural solutions to life. It enables visitors to move around virtually in a building that is in fact in its design stage. The cave on display is a transportable version developed by Barco, leading experts in visualization and projections.

The World of Reynaers digital showroom application with its high-tech touchscreen technology, allows consumers to discover a wide range of solutions across many dimensions. It brings a new perspective, harnessing multimedia technology to open up new ways of sharing information. Through the application users can change product colours, dimensions and many other design aspects to test combinations. 

Future-proofing collaboration

The Together for Better philosophy essentially underpins Reynaers Aluminium’s focus on partnership-building across its entire value chain, from interaction with clients, to inhouse teamwork and relationship building with role players in architecture, design and construction.  It drives the company’s investments in innovation and provides the basis on which tailor-made solutions and bespoke systems can be integrated.

About Reynaers Aluminium

Reynaers Aluminium is a leading European provider of innovative and sustainable architectural aluminium solutions. These include a wide variety of window and door systems, curtain walling, sliding systems, sun screening, conservatories, skylights, screens and systems to incorporate blinds and ventilation grids. Established in 1965 and with its headquarters in Duffel, Belgium, Reynaers Aluminium has offices in more than 40 countries worldwide. 

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