Reynaers Aluminium strongly supports the circular building economy

Reynaers Aluminium Circular Building Industry

C2C certificate is a recognition of this vision

Reynaers Aluminium continues to invest heavily in sustainable innovation and in the strengthening of the circular building economy. Through this strategy, the company has grown to become a European leader in sustainable high-tech architectural aluminium window, door and façade systems. This has been recognized when it achieved the Cradle to Cradle certificate (C2C) for a number of its advanced window, door and façade solutions. With this C2C label, in addition to its Passive House and Minergie certificates, Reynaers Aluminium meets the strictest sustainability requirements in terms of material, product and energy performance.

The prestigious Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute assessed a range of Reynaers Aluminium solutions in five different categories. These varied from the quality and durability of the material used, to ethical practices adhered to during the production process.

In short, the Cradle to Cradle certificate guarantees that no harmful materials are used; that Reynaers’ systems are made with due respect for raw materials, energy and water usage and that they can be recycled easily. In doing so, C2C certified systems offer users the guarantee of environmentally conscious and circular building.

Sustainability, however, is not restricted to material usage: energy efficiency is also an important point of attention for Reynaers Aluminium. Its continued investments in research and development resulted in the Passive House certificate and the Swiss Minergie label for several of its systems. These energy-efficient solutions can be used in low- and energy-neutral homes and thus contribute to a sustainable environment.

For architects and builders, it pays to build with C2C, Passive House or Minergie certified systems. The principles of these certificates are closely aligned with BREEAM and LEED, the internationally recognized labels that determine the sustainability levels of buildings. In addition, the Reynaers Aluminium systems also fulfil the aesthetic expectations of architects and end users with its range of design variants that suit different types of homes and buildings.

Erik Rasker, CTO of Reynaers, on the importance of sustainability and circular building: “More than 40% of the global energy consumption is linked to the heating, cooling, lighting and general management of the buildings in which we work and live. In order to meet the current global climate targets, we must reduce that percentage by at least 60% by 2050. Our company has excellent insulating and performant systems to reduce the impact of new and existing buildings on the environment. The C2C label and the Passive House and Minergie certificates are proof of our commitment to a greener world for ourselves and future generations”. 

Sustainability in the DNA
Also in-house, Reynaers Aluminium continues to work on an optimal sustainability policy. Around the Reynaers site, a large green zone has been developed that ensures optimal and sustainable water management. In addition, the company has for years been focusing on alternative and creative transport solutions for commuter traffic: from electric bicycles and carpooling to company cars with low CO2 emissions. With this policy, Reynaers Aluminium saw its CO2 footprint falling sharply over a short period. The company was also amongst the first to firmly opt for the large-scale use of solar panels. All initiatives relating to sustainability are encouraged and at the end of April, CSR awards will be presented to the subsidiaries with the best projects for improving the sustainability of Reynaers.


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